J. K. Wickiser Lab

Cadet Bios




Barret Halgas

Cadet Barret Halgas is Life Sciences major from Houston, TX. He will be attending the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine in El Paso after graduating in May.  His plans are to serve as an Army doctor, preferably in the field of emergency medicine.  He is currently the VP of Programming for the NY Kappa chapter of the Phi Delta Epsilon international medical fraternity here at West Point.  In his spare time he enjoys playing violin for the West Point Strings Club and spending time with other cadets at Officer’s Christian Fellowship.


Kelly Macdonald

Cadet Kelly Macdonald is a Life Sciences major. She is currently working with Major Pannier and Major Owens on the project, “Response of Dictyostelium discoideum to RDX Exposure”.  She is also captain of the West Point marathon team.


Kerry Mian

Originally from Reno, Nevada, Cadet Kerry Mian entered the Corps of Cadets in 2007. Since then, he has majored in Life Sciences and worked with cuttlefish under Dr. Wickiser. He is currently doing Hyper-Spectral Imagery Analysis under Dr. Wickiser and Colonel Pearman. Kerry is currently awaiting acceptance into medical school. In his free time, he likes to play with cats and cook delicious meals.


Jeremy Smith

Cadet Jeremy Smith is a Life Sciences major from Grapevine, Texas.  He is the Company Commander for Company B-4 and a Marshall Scholarship recipient.  Working under Dr. Wickiser, Cadet Smith has participated in research on non-coding regulatory RNA strands and heterotopic ossification.  In his free time, Cadet Smith enjoys practicing Krav Maga, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and an extreme variety of board games.



Luke Bonewitz

Cadet Luke Bonewitz is an Engineering Psychology major from Louisville, TN. Under the direction of Dr. Wickiser and LTC Pearman, he is currently conducting research on the use of hyperspectral imaging to identify ‘spectral signatures’ for use in a variety of applications, including early cancer detection and advanced camouflage development. In addition to his scientific interests, he is passionate about outdoor recreation, Educational and Applied Psychology, Latin American Studies, and especially his Christian faith.


Avinash Chaurasia

Cadet Avinash Chaurasia is from Ridgewood, New Jersey. He is a Life Sciences & French double major, who hopes to pursue Medical School after West Point. His interests include medicine, travel, food, and music. He is currently pursuing using Hyperspectral Imagery for Biological and Medical Relevance, which is looking at using hyperspectral imaging to identify targets, especially cancerous skin cells.


Raymond Gonzales

Cadet Raymond Gonzales is a Life Sciences major from San Antonio, Texas. He is part of a team researching Heterotropic Ossification. He plans on becoming an Army doctor after graduation. In his free time, he enjoys lifting weights and studying.


Frederick Heitjan

Cadet Frederick Heitjan is a Life Sciences major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is currently working with Major Owens on identifying Dictyostelium Plasmodium species around West Point. He is planning on attending Medical School following graduation.


David Horvat

Cadet David Horvat is a Life Sciences major. He is working with Major Owens on identifying the Dictyostelium Plamodium species in the soil around West Point. He is a member of the Army Crew Team.


Diana Kim

Cadet Diana Kim is a Platoon Sergeant in Company G-4.  She is part of a team researching Heterotopic Ossification.  Her interest for the topic was sparked following my involvement in an AIAD to Yale University last summer.



Kelley Cassidy

Cadet Kelley Cassidy is a Life Sciences major. She is currently working with Dr. Wickiser and Cadet Ashli Carlson on the Cellulose Aptamer Project. She interested in studying computational biology and hopes to attend medical school upon graduation from West Point.


Ian Jones

Cadet Ian Jones is a Systems Engineering major from Baltimore, Maryland.  After West Point he plans to attend medical school and serve as an Army doctor.  Outside of classes he enjoys competing as a member of the West Point Orienteering Team.


Justin Yoon

Cadet Justin Yoon is currently researching the Biological Impact of HE Contaminants in Organisms under Dr. Wickiser. He is majoring in Life Sciences on the Nuclear Engineering track and hopes to attend medical school upon graduation from West Point. Interests include college football, guitar, and eventually the possession of a yacht.